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Seven Weird Lies from 2015

As the year draws to a close, and an election approaches in the internet age, maybe we should remember just how unreliable the information superhighway can be. With that in mind, and as a public service, here are a mere ...

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7 Questions from Star Wars VII

Ahead there be spoilers. You have been warned! Star Wars: The Force Awakens looks ready to assume the throne of “biggest box office hit of all time,” and in general most fans have shown enthusiasm for the first of what ...

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The cavendish is by far the most popular species of bananas in the world, so much so pretty much everyone thinks of that species when they hear the word “banana.” But here’s a brutal truth–cavendish bananas may be doomed. In ...

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Whither Peter Jackson and Tolkien?

One year ago, the third film of The Hobbit trilogy opened and proceeded to make close to one billion dollars at the box office.  The studios involved ended up just a tad disappointed since such was (slightly) below expectations. Consider ...

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