TIFF News: Films I Really Want to See

So two of the films coming out of the Toronto Film Festival this year (TIFF) have me quite tantalized. I haven’t seen either but I’m itching to check these off the list. From what I hear – you may want ...

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Bey SLAYED at the VMAs – SLAYED!

WOW! Holy fierce way to express YO-self BEY. If you thought she wasn’t angry about Jay’s “alleged” cheating, I beg to differ. Ms. Thang, did you see her slay the haters, slay the bigots, slay the paps AND slay the ...

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Florence Foster Jenkins … Is It Hype or Streep?

Florence Foster Jenkins just got the best reviews. Critics are saying a sure Oscar nod, the 20th for Meryl Streep. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a huge rating. But is it hype because of course who is going to say a ...

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Adele Honors Promise to Resched. AZ Concert – Nov. 21st

If there was any doubt that Adele was sick a few days ago, that Instagram post and video debunked the naysayers. I love you Adele – but whew, talk about raw. Maybe just a little compact powder next time, but it’s ...

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