One Hundred Years Ago

Sometimes it seems amazing we’ve reached, in fact live deep within, the twenty first century.  Compared to many science fiction predictions, our world doesn’t match up to expectations.  No flying cars.  No lunar colony (although we do have a permanent ...

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Star Trek Beyond: What We Know

This July will see the thirteenth movie of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, as well as the fiftieth anniversary of the franchise.  Here is what we know about the film so far–which isn’t as much as many fans would like. First ...

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End of a (Moffat) Era

The show runner is dead! Long live the show runner! Actually, events surrounding the hit BBC science fiction show Doctor Who are nowhere near that extreme. Fans just treat it that way. A few basic facts.  Doctor Who premiered in ...

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Is There a Planet Nine?

January 20 saw an announcement by the world renowned California Institute of Technology.  Not, as the headlines might suggest, of the discovery of a planet far beyond Pluto (the former outermost planet in our solar system before it was downgraded ...

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