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‘Suicide Squad’ Premiere is Imminent …

Suicide Squad is one of the anticipated films of the summer. Will Smith, said last night on the Tonight Show — after making three grand entrances — that this is the first summer time blockbuster that he is excited about ...

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Justice League Trailer Arrives in Time for Comic-Con

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the official Justice League teaser trailer featuring w  whole lot of them. At Comic-Con in San Diego, Justice League is a much anticipated summer blockbuster. Not just at Comic-Con but all the DC Comics fan peeps are waiting! I ...

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Harley Quinn is Changing

For those of you who don’t know, Harley Quinn–the Joker’s girlfriend in DC Comics–began in one of the animated series about Batman.  She rapidly became a fan favorite, so much so DC introduced her into the comics.  Soon she makes ...

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Why is Paramount Suing Axanar?

Here is the situation.  Axanar is one of literally hundreds of fan-made versions of Star Trek made in the last ten or fifteen years, either completed or in some stages of production.  As long as no one tried making any ...

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