Never Truly Alone

Never Truly Alone

Wendy Cummins commented, “This [“A Broken Wing”] struck home to me, as I share some of your struggles. I liked how it was written and also that you came to realize we are never truly alone in our life’s journeys!” Beautiful, Wendy. Thank you for joining the conversation.

Rihanna Names Penelope Cruz as World’s Sexiest Woman in Elle September 2014 (0)

She’s been all over the globe thanks to a successful career in music and fashion, so Rihanna knows a thing or two about what makes a desirable dame.

The “Umbrella” singer, who was spotted attending a business meeting in New York City on Wednesday morning (August 20), told Elle magazine that in her opinion there’s one female who stands out as the hottest of them all.

Penelope Cruz is the sh*t,” declared Rihanna when asked for the world’s sexiest woman. “If I could wake up and look like her tomorrow, that would be great. Mia Wallace [Uma Thurman’s Pulp Fiction character] is gangsta. She’s epic. I’m going to do that bob again. Those bangs.”

As for her words to live by, the Barbadian pop star noted, “‘Avoid obviousness.’ That is a quote by Leonardo DiCaprio. That’s what makes you create something, that’s the excitement, that’s the thrill.”

And when it comes to a must-have-at-all-times beauty product, Rihanna’s choice is- “Lipstick. It draws attention away from any flaws. When someone is wearing lipstick, you just assume they’re wearing a full face of makeup. And guys are stupid—they won’t notice when you’re not.”

Chloe Moretz: I Faked My Cello Scenes on “If I Stay” (0)

She’s one of the most gifted actors of her generation, but even Chloe Moretz comes up against insurmountable challenges from time to time.

The “Hugo” actress dropped by “Chelsea Lately” last night (August 19) to talk about her new movie “If I Stay,” including the fact that she actually didn’t play any of the cello parts in the film.

Moretz confessed, “I tried to learn the cello for seven months, but then I realized it’s much harder than any other instrument, so I couldn’t really learn it.”

“So then they just kind of cut my head off and put it onto another girl’s body. So I’d be doing scenes and my hands are by my sides and I’m [trying to] act like I’m playing the cello with my head. And they’re like, ‘Don’t move your body!’ It looks so good!”

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon: Headed For Divorce Court?! (0)

Adding to the growing number of celebrity splits this year, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have reportedly separated and are close to getting a divorce.

The “Always Be My Baby” songstress and her “America’s Got Talent” host hubby have been “living separately. He’s been living out of hotels. They’re fighting a lot,” says a NY Post source.

And even though they share twin kiddos Moroccan and Monroe, Nick is said to be playing the field while away on promotional appearances and events.

Previously, Mariah and Nick have vehemently denied rumors that there was trouble in paradise, but now Carey’s rep will only say, “Not commenting on Mariah’s personal life.”

Adam Driver Causes Mass Swooning on GQ September 2014 Cover (0)

He’s lived a crazy life thus far, and Adam Driver is just getting started with his total Tinseltown takeover.

The “Girls” hunk is featured on the front of GQ magazine’s September 2014 issue, and in his interview he talks about his decision to go from the Marines to Julliard.

“I wanted a challenge. The Marines Corps is supposed to be the toughest and most rigorous of its class. Obviously the stakes are different [at Julliard]. You have the risk of getting shot or killed in one and just embarrassed in the other. I thought, ‘This will be easy.’”

Of his time in the Marines, which ended after two years due to a cracked sternum, Driver explains, “I like everything I do to have some kind of meaning. The more masochistic the part, the more appealing. It’s hard to describe. You’re put in these very heightened circumstances, and you learn a lot about who people are at the core, I think. You end up having this very intimate relationship where you would, like, die for these people.”

Furthermore, Adam stays connected to his military roots through his organization Arts in the Armed Forces. “Here’s the thing. Life’s sh*tty, and we’re all gonna die. You have friends, and they die. You have a disease, someone you care about has a disease, Wall Street people are scamming everyone, the poor get poorer, the rich get richer. That’s what we’re surrounded by all the time. We don’t understand why we’re here, no one’s giving us an answer, religion is vague, your parents can’t help because they’re just people, and it’s all terrible, and there’s no meaning to anything. What a terrible thing to process! Every. Day. And then you go to sleep. But then sometimes, things can suspend themselves for like a minute, and then every once in a while there’s something where you find a connection.”

Kylie Jenner: Caught Between a Benz and a Lambo! (0)

She’s only had a short time to hone her driving skills, so Kylie Jenner is still a bit apprehensive when getting behind the wheel.

On Tuesday (August 19) the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” cutie left Urth Café in West Hollywood only to find her black Range Rover parallel parked along the curb.

In front of Jenner’s ride was a snazzy Mercedes Benz, while a costly Lamborghini sat behind her, making for a tense parking situation.

Thankfully, Kylie took her time and managed to pull out of the spot without hitting either vehicle, even though the paparazzi served as a distraction.