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Selena Gomez: Rehab for Months

Something tells me there is more than meets the eye to this new rehab incident. Yes she has been diagnosed with Lupus and that does cause anxiety  and depression side effects however, something doesn’t fit. First it is always when ...

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Girls will ‘Rise Up’ with First Lady, Meryl Streep, Freida Pinto, Isha Sesay and CNN Films

‘Rise Up’ aired last night on CNN – a project produced by CNN Films. Wow – that’s all I can say. Led by Isha Sesay, journalist from CNN, the film follows Meryl Streep and Isha as they visit girls in ...

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SNL: The Hill vs. The Donald

Who will NOT be watching this weekend’s Saturday Night Live premiere as The Hill takes on The Donald on SNL. It doesn’t get any better. Kate McKinnon will reprise Hillary Clinton with Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump. If you aren’t ...

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TIFF News: Films I Really Want to See

So two of the films coming out of the Toronto Film Festival this year (TIFF) have me quite tantalized. I haven’t seen either but I’m itching to check these off the list. From what I hear – you may want ...

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