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Leprosy in Florida!

With news outlets competing for attention, little wonder the more-than-doubling of the rate of leprosy in the state of Florida this year garnered lots of attention.  The disease is the stuff of nightmares, referred to with horror in the Bible ...

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Creating Resistance to HIV?

The International AIDS Society conference in Vancouver, British Columbia had a medical bombshell announced on Monday–the case of a French teen born with the AIDS virus, but whose infection  remains under control after stopping all treatment 12 years ago! “This ...

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9 Amazing Tattoo Ideas

Stereotypes about tattoos, their design and purpose as well as who seems likely have any, have all changed over the past decade or so. Sailors, bikers and ex-cons may still carry ink, but so too supermodels, housewives and even Christian ...

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End of Ramadan

For over a billion followers of Islam the world over, this week marks the end of Ramadan, the month-long ceremonial fast between sunrise and sunset (unless one is traveling, a child, elderly, or sick). In terms of actual practice, this ...

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