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End of Ramadan

For over a billion followers of Islam the world over, this week marks the end of Ramadan, the month-long ceremonial fast between sunrise and sunset (unless one is traveling, a child, elderly, or sick). In terms of actual practice, this ...

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Comic Con Sneak Peak: MTV’s Shannara

Coming in January 2016, and previewed at this month’s Comic Con in San Diego, is the first adaptation of Terry Brooks best-selling fantasy novels. The t.v. series, produced by MTV, is called The Chronicles of Shannara, filming in New Zealand. ...

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Does Cuba Have a Lung Cancer Vaccine?

The shortest, simplest answer to this question is “No.” But, fortunately, that answer is incomplete. Cuba has what may well turn out to be a lung cancer vaccine, but trials await to prove that the drug works. Early results seem ...

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Wither Penny Dreadful?

July 6 saw the second season finale of Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, not long after a third season for the show was announced. True to form, the storylines surprised us all, although some of them should not have. After all, the ...

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