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The Unlikely Celebrity of John Green

Seems unlikely someone like John Green would ever have become a world-wide celebrity in a time before the internet. Many may not realize he qualifies as such, because his fame occupies a niche with very little glamor. But his fans ...

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The new tv show iZombie premiered in March on the CW and by May had been picked up for a second season. One naturally enough thinks of a program that cannot die, gets a second life, proves unstoppable–and those are ...

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President Violates the N-Word Taboo

Last Friday, President Barack Obama took part in a podcast with Marc Maron (the name of the podcast is WTF). It aired on Monday and immediately generated major headlines. Of course whoever sits in the Oval Office tends to do ...

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Black/White Like Her?

Rachel Dolezal in less than a week has become the eye of a storm. The former Chapter President of the Spokane, Washington NAACP was “outed” by her fundamentalist parents from whom she is estranged. Dolezal, who has lived most of ...

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